Dance Team

2015 *Boston Cannons Dance Team*

2015 *Boston Cannons Dance Team*





Boston Cannons Dance & Promotional Team

Announce 2015 Auditions! 

Date: Sunday, March 1st

Time: Registration begins promptly at 1:00pm; Audition starts at 1:15pm

Location: The Dance Complex, located at 536 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139

Audition Process: 

The audition process consists of technique drills (turns, high kicks, leaps) and a short jazz & hip hop combination.  After learning all elements, candidates will perform both drills and the combination in pairs for a panel of judges.  In addition, there will be a brief interview with each candidate during their final audition performance with the judges.

Candidates must bring the following items to auditions:

- $25 registration fee; $20 registration fee for Veteran Members Only

- 5’ X 7’ photo (will not be returned)

- Complete registration form and waiver (waiver & application available on FB page & day of audition)

- Dance/performance resume (include work experience and education)

- Wear form fitting cropped/half top, fitted shorts/dance briefs, & comfortable dance/athletic shoes (tights optional). No street shoes are allowed. Hair should be down and hair and make-up should be performance ready.

Audition Requirements:

Potential candidates must be a high school graduate and at least 18 years old at the time of audition (there is no maximum age). They should possess dance/cheer experience as the routine will consist of turns, kicks, leaps, etc. to highlight dance technique and training. The Boston Cannons are looking for a dynamic group of dancers, able to provide an exciting, high-energy combination of entertainment and crowd encouraging routines. Candidates will be judged on their technique, showmanship, enthusiasm, personality, personal appearance and fitness.

About Us:

 The Boston Cannons Dance Team is a professional dance team that performs at all Boston Cannons home games at Gillette Stadium and any additional league games hosted in Boston which have included events such as the MLL All Star game and MLL Championship weekend. Dance team members are paid for game day performances.

The Boston Cannons Dance Team practices once a week for two hours during the season (March - July) at DanceFIT Studio located in Natick, MA. The Cannons Dance Team not only performs on the field at each game, but also participates in on-field promotions and other game day fan activities. In addition, members of the dance team participate in various community service events throughout the season. This year members of the team volunteered at the NSTAR Walk for Children's Hospital, Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer, Tour de Cure and various MDA events.

If you are interested in becoming a 2015 Boston Cannons Dance Team sponsor or would like to request the team for an appearance, please contact Ashley Pavone.

If you have any other questions or for more information, please contact Dance Team Director/Choreographer, Ashley Pavone at

@CannonsDance      Facebook: Boston Cannons Dance Team 

Instagram: "Boston Cannons Dancers"

The Boston Cannons Dance Team would like to take a moment and recognize our 2015 sponsors. Their support of our team each season enables us to continue to grow and we are sincerely appreciative.




Ashley *Director/Choreographer

Ashley *Director/Choreographer

Name:  Ashley

Nickname: Wags

Rookie or Veteran: Veteran

Birthday:  September 7th

Occupation:  Human Resources Generalist

College/Major: Dean College, Dance

Hometown:  Ashburnham, MA

What’s your favorite part of being a Cannons Dancer? I love the opportunity to dance for an amazing organization and the best fans in the league! I also love working with such a great, talented group of girls who make this experience that much more fun!

Nicole - Captain

Nicole - Captain

Name: Nicole

Nickname: Cole

Rookie or Veteran: Veteran

Birthday:  June 25th

Occupation:  Professional Writing Tutor & Fitness Instructor

College/Major: UMass Boston, MA in English

Hometown: Leominster, MA

What’s your favorite part of being a Cannons Dancer?  All of the great friends I’ve made over the years! 

Janelle - Rookie

Janelle - Rookie

Name:  Janelle

Nickname: Jan or Nellie

Rookie or Veteran: Rookie

Birthday:  February 18th 

Occupation:  Universal Dance Association Instructor

College/Major: Dean College, Dance Major

Hometown:  Weymouth, MA

Why did you want to be a Cannons Dancer? I love dancing on the sidelines as well as on the field in front of a crowd and I love supporting my hometown's teams!

Sarah - Rookie

Sarah - Rookie

Name:  Sarah

Nickname: Sar

Rookie or Veteran: Rookie

Birthday:  February 5th

Occupation:  Registered Nurse

College/Major: Worcester State University, Nursing

Hometown:  Holden, MA

Why did you want to be a Cannons Dancer? Dance has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Ever since graduating college last May, I really felt as if I were missing a big part of myself since I hadn’t been dancing as much as I was used to. The Boston Cannons Dance Team seemed like the perfect way to continue dancing as well as performing.  I’m so excited to share this experience with such a great group of ladies!

Jade - Rookie

Jade - Rookie

Name:  Jade

Nickname: Jadesy

Rookie or Veteran: Rookie

Birthday: January 6th

Occupation: Full-time student & restaurant hostess

College/Major: Montclair State University, Psychology Major/Dance and Business Minors

Hometown:  Ayer, MA

Why did you want to be a Cannons Dancer? Dance has been my first love for my entire life and I wanted the opportunity to share my passion with an amazing group of girls. I also wanted a chance to participate in all of their community service events and be a positive role model…and of course to cheer on the Boston Cannons!

Olivia - Rookie

Olivia - Rookie

Name: Olivia

Nickname: Liv

Rookie or Veteran: Rookie

Birthday:  November 8th

Occupation:  Student

College/Major: Simmons College, Physical Therapy

Hometown:  Fitchburg, MA

Why did you want to be a Cannons Dancer? I love being a part of a team that shares the love of dance and performing for a crowd!

Elena - Rookie Promotional Model

Elena - Rookie Promotional Model

Name:  Elena

Rookie or Veteran: Rookie

Birthday:  August 17th

Occupation:  Membership Coordinator at Pipefitters’ Local Union 537

College/Major: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Accounting/Finance

Hometown:  Milton, MA

Why did you want to be a Cannons Dancer? To continue my passion for dance and to meet a new amazing group of people!

Kristen R. - Rookie Promotional Model

Kristen R. - Rookie Promotional Model

Name:  Kristen Joy

Rookie or Veteran:  Rookie

Birthday:  July 14th

Occupation:  Law Student

College/Major: Boston University School of Law

Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA

Why did you want to be a Cannons Dancer? I have been dancing my whole life and I am so excited to be a part of a team so full of talent and passion! 

Ines - Veteran

Ines - Veteran

Name:  Ines

Nickname: Necca

Rookie or Veteran: Veteran

Birthday:  March 7th

Occupation:  Student & Teacher

College/Major: Lesley University, Early Childhood Education & Mathematics

Hometown:  Stoneham, MA

What’s your favorite part of being a Cannons Dancer? My favorite part about being a Cannons Dancer is definitely being a part of the home game experience. Game days are all about showcasing our talents as dancers, cheering on the players from the sidelines, and interacting with all the awesome fans. It’s the best! Plus, being able to share it with some of my best friends on the team is the icing on the cake!

Lele - Veteran

Lele - Veteran

Name:  Lele

Nickname:  L

Rookie or Veteran: Veteran

Birthday:  September 20th

Occupation:  Customer Service Representative, Dance Team Coach, Dance Instructor, Model

College/Major: Marist College, Athletic Training

Hometown: Acton, MA

What’s your favorite part of being a Cannons Dancer? I love the atmosphere, people and opportunities!  The game day energy and action is exhilarating; being able to experience that from the sideline with such beautiful and talented ladies is truly a gift.  We have the best fans in the league and get to see all of the MLL athletes in action.  We also have several incredibly rewarding community service opportunities throughout the year.    

Laura - Veteran

Laura - Veteran

Name:  Laura

Nickname: LaLa

Rookie or Veteran: Veteran

Birthday:  May 6th

Occupation:  Marketing Assistant

College/Major: Plymouth State University, Marketing

Hometown: Londonderry, NH

What’s your favorite part of being a Cannons Dancer? Dancing for the best fans in the MLL!

Taylor - Veteran

Taylor - Veteran

Name: Taylor 

Nickname: Tay or TayHay

Rookie or Veteran: Veteran

Birthday: December 21st

Occupation: Community Specialist at MITX

College/Major: Bentley University, Marketing

Hometown: Ashland, MA

What’s your favorite part of being a Cannons Dancer? Dancing in front of thousands of fans at Harvard Stadium all summer is the biggest rush, there is nothing better! Also, I get to represent such a great organization alongside 15 amazing, talented and beautiful girls. The sparkly silver poms don’t hurt either :) 

Laura Ann - Veteran

Laura Ann - Veteran

Name: Laura Ann

Rookie or Veteran: Veteran

Birthday: November 26th

Occupation: Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

College/Major: Fisher College, Business Management: Marketing

Hometown: Manchester, NH

What’s your favorite part of being a Cannons Dancer? Other than having the best seats in the house for the Cannon’s home games, it would be having the opportunity to become a part of such an amazing, talented group of women. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Tiffany - Veteran

Tiffany - Veteran

Name:  Tiffany

Nickname: Tiff

Rookie or Veteran: Veteran

Birthday:  July 24th 

Occupation:  Retail Management & Cheer Coach

College/Major: Plymouth State University, Art Education & Art History

Hometown:  Manchester, NH

What’s your favorite part of being a Cannons Dancer? I  LOVE the sensation of adrenalin and excitement that overwhelms me every single time we run out on the field to perform. It's absolutely the most exhilarating feeling I have ever encountered!

Kelsey - Veteran

Kelsey - Veteran

Name:  Kelsey

Nickname: Kels

Rookie or Veteran:  Veteran

Birthday:  March 5th

Occupation: Senior Communications Specialist

College/Major: Babson College, Business

Hometown:  Shrewsbury, MA

What’s your favorite part of being a Cannons Dancer? I love the atmosphere at games. Seeing the fans so excited and passionate about the game makes performing and entertaining so much fun!

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