Photo Caption Contest Winner!

12/3/10 12:00 PM

Photo Caption Contest Winner!

The first Boston Cannons Photo Caption Contest was held on our official FaceBook Fan Page over the past 3 days.  We have selected the 5 best entries, with the top pick receiving a Cannons Prize Pack!  The next Caption Contest will begin next Monday, so be sure to check back to our FaceBook Page!

We had Paul Rabil pick the #1 entry and he called Kyler Pollick's sumbission his favorite--

Rabil has a third fist under his beard...that he uses to knock the sticks out of defenders' hands.

Congratulations Kyler Pollick! Look for a Cannons prize pack coming your way.

Rabil, the Cannons Coaches and Front Office Staff helped select the next best 4 entries......

"Paul Rabil makes Chuck Norris scared." - Phil Farina

"And this one is my bull dodge. Notice how I lower my front shoulder and drive through my defender. Any questions?!" - Paul Jones

And Tim Matheson submited two that we liked, borrowing from Jay-Z and Mastercard:

"I've got 99 problems but this scub ain't one."

"Boston Cannons Ticket - $12
Beer from Budlight tent - $8
Redbones Ribs - $9
A night of watching Paul Rabil Dangle - Priceless"

Thanks to everyone who submitted a caption.

Check back on our FaceBook page on Monday for a new photo and the next Caption Contest!

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