How much does the Steinfeld Trophy Weigh?

10/14/11 12:49 PM

How much does the Steinfeld Trophy Weigh?

Guess How Much the Steinfeld Trophy Weighs

The weight of 11 years was lifted on August 28 when the Cannons won their first MLL Championship. We’ve been having a lot of fun showing off the Steinfeld Trophy around town, taking it to Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, the TD Garden and City Hall Plaza for Boston Cannons Day, among other places. A fun Title Town Tour, but also tiring – that trophy is heavy!

Which brings us to a way for you to win prizes by getting up close and personal with the trophy, all while donating to our favorite non-profit, MetroLacrosse. At each of our fall events (schedule below), we invite fans to take a guess at the exact weight of the Steinfeld Trophy. For $1 a guess, you can pick the trophy up to see how it feels and give us your best guess. All proceeds will benefit MetroLacrosse!

On December 14, the day of the 2012 Supplemental Draft, we’ll reveal the weight of the trophy and announce the winners. Each person who guessed the correct weight will receive a Cannons Prize Pack.

Steinfeld Trophy Schedule

Saturday, October 15
9am – 12pm
CATZ Needham Health & Wellness Day

Saturday, October 22
12 – 3pm
2012 Season Ticket Holder Event
The Stockyard, 135 Market St, Brighton

Saturday, November 5
Brown Fall Festival Tournament
Brown University

Saturday, November 19
11am – 1pm
All-Star Middie Clinic
Cohasset Sports Complex

Sunday, November 20
4 – 6pm
Paul Rabil Clinic
Forekicks Marlborough

Saturday, December 3
5 - 7pm
Jordan Burke Goalie Clinic
Forekicks Marlborough

We started the contest this past weekend at the Catamount Classic – check out the guesses below. Be sure to check back often to see the updated list to see where your guess falls!

Nick B. 30
Joe Z. 113
Nick S. 75
Nick C. 64.3
Jack C. 70
Riley B. 75
David L. 78
Aidan C. 175
Michael G. 111
Gregory G. 100
Rob G. 60
Bob G. 65
Cindy G. 68
Jack P. 86.25
Matt R. 85
Pete C. 81
Maura L. 35
Maura L. 45
Dennis L. 60
Maura L. 55
Maura L. 65
Chandler B. 85
Phelps C. 62
Conrad B. 72
B. Marshall 93
Al H. 116
Casey M. 57
Christopher F. 66

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