Cannons Players' Best. Present. Ever.

By Katie Au |  12/7/12 3:14 PM

Cannons Players' Best. Present. Ever.

With the holidays just around the corner, people are frantically wrapping a seemingly endless amount of presents. It wouldn’t be a typical Christmas if there weren't some presents you loved and some you had to force a smile and silently wonder, "Do I even look like I would want this?"

But when all that is left is a trail of violently ripped wrapping paper, spending time with family and being stuffed with good food is what really makes the holidays. So it’s easy to forgive that aunt who baked you a fruitcake or the uncle who bought you an ugly Christmas sweater. The forgiveness comes even easier when, after weeding through those gifts, you come across that one awesome present. The Best. Present. Ever.    

So we asked some Cannons players about the best present they've ever received and the nostalgic question brought back many good childhood memories.

For Pat Heim, he talked about his Hulkamania childhood days when he took on six-time WWE champion Hulk Hogan in his own living room. Quite an impressive feat for a six year old, even if it was just a Hulk Hogan wrestling dummy.



Not surprisingly, video games were at the top of a few lists. Jordan Burke loved his Sega Genesis and Nick Maggio can't get enough Call of Duty. PT Ricci's best was Super Nintendo, with Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario Cart - "by far the best system ever created."

Chris Eck was partial to Nintendo 64. As was Paul Rabil, who says,"The best gift I received from Santa was my Nintendo 64 in 8th grade. My parents wouldn't give the big guy the nod on video games until I could manage my time well enough. Probably why I still play them into my 20s."


Kevin Buchanan brings up his first sweet ride – a BigFoot Big Wheels car that let him cruise all around his front yard.



Unlike Buchanan, Jake Beebe didn’t have as much swag because his choice of transportation is a toy Hess Truck which he gets every year from his grandma – an annual favorite.

Kevin Gould’s best present was his first cell phone as a kid, which was probably as big as a real size Hess Truck back in the day.   

Eric Hagarty was already showing off his skills at the young age of 5 when he received his first lacrosse stick - a traditional Viper.

Jon Leanos likes to relive the glory days with a framed picture of his high school he received one year.

Mike Stone told us, “My aunt once gave me a wind up flashlight. It was incredibly useless, hardly worked, and was lost almost immediately. Wait, you said best present?”

Marty Bowes is looking to put an end to Movember with the electric shaver he's asking for this year. But wait, we must-ache him a question! Nevermind, guess we will have to shave it for later.

For Sean Murphy, it's a Keurig Coffee Maker - caffeine is a must for keeping up the Cannons' winning record!

JJ Gilbane is hoping to snuggle up in a Cannons Snuggie this winter. Perhaps we should add them to our merchandise offering?

Kit Smith says, "I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping Santa's going to get me a new carry-on travel bag for Christmas so I can travel places!"

We hope that includes a trip to MLL Championship Weekend for the Cannons to reclaim the Steinfeld Trophy!

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