Boston Cannons Partner With Kinetic Fuel

1/18/13 12:22 PM

Boston Cannons Partner With Kinetic Fuel

January 18, 2013 - BOSTON, MA - The Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse (MLL), the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league, have announced a renewed partnership with Kinetic Fuel Performance Based Nutrition. Boston based Kinetic Fuel Sports Nutritionists Jules Hindman and Julie Nicoletti will once again join the Boston Cannons with information on fueling, hydration and recovery in order to maximize playing potential and minimize the risk of injury.

“I am pleased to announce our continued partnership with Kinetic Fuel for the 2013 season,” said Cannons General Manager Kevin Barney. “They were not only great educators to our players last year, but a resource for the players, coaches and staff throughout the season. Our players dedicate countless hours to being in top physical shape to compete each week in Major League Lacrosse and Kinetic Fuel provides them with direction, education and support to make sure they are ‘eating to compete’.”

Kinetic Fuel was founded in 2008 as a performance based nutrition company focused on optimizing athletic performance, health and wellbeing while reducing the risk of illness and injury. Since the company’s inception, Kinetic Fuel has worked with hundreds of high school, collegiate and professional athletes and teams. As business has evolved beyond sports nutrition, Kinetic Fuel has diversified their offerings to wellness and nutrition to other target markets.

"Working with the Boston Cannons this past season has been such a privilege,” stated Co-Founder and certified sports nutritionist Julie Nicoletti. “And we are thrilled to recommit to the team and to expand our role as their sports nutritionists. Players have been extremely receptive to the information and the support from the coaching staff and management has been unparalleled. Nutrition matters and Kinetic Fuel is proud to help the Boston Cannons maximize their performance."

For more information on Kinetic Fuel, visit and follow Kinetic Fuel on Twitter @kineticfuel1.

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