Cannons Playing Indoor

1/22/13 1:56 PM

Cannons Playing Indoor

Cannons in the NLL

Paul Rabil, Pat Heim, and Kevin Buchanan and the Philadelphia Wings played this last Friday against the Toronto Rock in Toronto, winning 8-7. Rabil had two assists and collected four loose balls, in addition to ten shots on goal. Heim collected one loose ball and forced one turnover. Buchanan had four shots on goal and collected three loose balls. He also picked up three assists.

Mitch Belisle and the Minnesota Swarm have their next match at the Toronto Rock on Friday, January 25.

Cannons in the NALL

Mike Stone, Jon Hayes, and Marty Bowes played for the Boston Rockhoppers of the NALL this past Saturday night, winning 16-9. Stone had an excellent game and ended the night with a hat trick.

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