Player Spotlight: Malcolm Chase

4/4/13 12:04 PM

Player Spotlight: Malcolm Chase

Malcolm Chase was picked up by the Cannons on February 19. After graduating from Whittier College, this long-stick middie currently has played for the Boston Rockhoppers in the NALL and in the LXM Pro tour.

Here, we asked Malcolm Chase a few questions as he prepares for Cannons training camp.

What is your best lacrosse memory?

Standing on the field with Wimmer Solutions after my first Hawaii tourney and masters' and elite championships where we raised $20k for charity.

If you could challenge any professional athlete in lacrosse, who would you choose and why?

Gronk! The man is a beast and would likely pick up the game very quickly. It would be a battle…for a while. Ha!

Favorite sports movie?


Secret talent that no one knows about you?

I trained the family cat to "sit" and "high five"...and now the secret is out.

For every road trip, I never forget my….?


Most embarrassing song on your iPod?

 Milli Vanilli "Baby Don't Forget My Number"

If you were a celebrity chef, what would your signature dish be?

 Filet mignon, sweet potato fries and creamed spinach

Where is your dream travel destination?

 French Riviera

What are you most looking forward to this season?

Earning the chance to be on the field and waving to my son Kyle in the stands.

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