Boomer and Shaq!

10/21/10 4:17 PM

Boomer and Shaq!

Boomer made a new friend today....well, kind of.  Shaquille O'Neal is already making his mark on the Boston scene.  Today he was a famous statue in Harvard Square.  Shaq announced a couple of weeks ago that we was going to go to Harvard Square and be a statue for one hour.  He was question on what he would let people do and he simply said he was going to be a statue.  Today (Thurs, Oct 21) he came thru as he tweeted at 1:40pm that he was on his way to Harvard Square.

Boomer could not resist crossing the Charles River to see the big guy.  Quite a crowd had already gathered, but Boomer made his way up and got a couple of quick pictures with the NBA star....


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