Super Bowl predictions from the Cannons

11/17/10 8:00 AM

Super Bowl predictions from the Cannons

While it's the off-season for the Cannons, sports are still on the mind of many of our players and coaches.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we know that means the NFL season is right at that critical point of the year where the best teams rise to the top and the others start to look towards next year.

We asked some of our players and coaches to give their predictions as to the top teams in each conference and if they had any Super Bowl picks.  Let see what these pros had to say-

MATT POSKAY -- Matt thinks we will see the Jets and the Chargers in the AFC Championship Game.  He predicts the NFC will be decided between the NY Giants and New Orleans Saints.  A little suspect, but the New Jersey boy picks the Jets and Giants to meet in the Super Bowl and Poskay sees himself at Dallas Stadium in February.


NY Jets "Empire State of Mind" Video


KYLE SWEENEY -- Kyle likes the Eagles and Packers from the NFC and the Steelers and Colts in the AFC title game.  In the big one, Sweeney picks the Steelers to take home the Lombardi trophy defeating the Packers.


PAUL RABIL -- Rabil went purely sentimental picks, taking his 2 favorite teams to compete in the Super Bowl.  (Note, this pick from Rabil came in BEFORE Monday night's game).  Rabil is picking Donovan McNabb and the Redskins taking on Brady and the Patriots for NFL supremecy this season!  What do you think?!


RYAN NIZOLEK -- The Cannons 2010 Draft Pick weighed in with his picks.  "I see the AFC Championship being Steelers vs. Ravens, and the NFC Championship being the New York Football Giants vs. the Packers.  G'men, led by their nasty defense, take it all on Feb 6th over the Steelers in D-Town."
Not again?  Can Eli lead the G'Men to another SuperBowl win?
HEAD COACH BILL DAYE -- (We seem to have a lot of NY fans on this team)  Coache Daye is picking an all NY SuperBowl with the Jets defeating the Steelers in the AFC and the Giants taking out the defending champs Saints in the NFC.  Surprise to no one who knows Coach Daye, he is picking the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets to win the Super Bowl and title of "best team in NY!"
Is Mark Sanchez the next Joe Namath?

ASSISTANT COACH STEVE DUFFY -- The best way to counter Coach Daye's picks is with Assistant Coach Steve Duffy!  Coach Duffy sees things a little differently through his New England glasses.  While he agrees the Jets and Giants will be in their respective conference championship games, he picks DA PATS to take out the Jets, and then complete the NY sweep by defeating the Giants in the Super Bowl.  A little payback for 2007?

Do the Krafts need to start designing the next SuperBowl Ring?


MIKE STONE -- The Cannons rookie, and Wellesley native, gave his honest opinion (unlike his coaches!).  "This NFL season seems much more balanced than the past few years. I think the AFC championship will come down to the Patriots and Ravens. Although I love the Pats, I don't think they will be going to the Super Bowl this year.  My guess for the NFC Championship is going to be the Eagles vs. Falcons. I think Michael Vick is going to take the Eagles a long way but not quite to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl will be Ravens vs. Falcons. In the Battle of the Birds, Matt Ryan is going to light it up to win his first Super Bowl. Eagles, Falcons, Ravens...Those are some bada** birds! No wonder they're doing better than the Cardinals!"
And all bird Super Bowl?  Ya, we'd pick the falcon over the raven.

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